usage: ./trojan [-htv] [-l LOG] [-k KEYLOG] [[-c] CONFIG]
  -c [ --config ] CONFIG specify config file
  -h [ --help ]          print help message
  -k [ --keylog ] KEYLOG specify keylog file location (OpenSSL >= 1.1.1)
  -l [ --log ] LOG       specify log file location
  -t [ --test ]          test config file
  -v [ --version ]       print version and build info

The default value for CONFIG is where the default config is installed on Linux and other UNIX-like systems and config.json on Windows.

On Linux and other UNIX-like systems, the behavior of the handlers for the following signals are overridden:

Make sure your config file is valid. Configuring trojan is not trivial: there are several ideas you need to understand and several pitfalls you might fall into. Unless you are an expert, you shouldn’t configure a trojan server all by yourself.

Here, we will present a list of things you should do before you start a trojan server:

Shadowsocks SIP003 is supported by trojan, but it is added as an experimental feature and is not standard at all, so it will not be documented here.

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